Unite talents, turn venues into social places and create moments that live forever.

The people of O

Be respectful, be mindful, be balanced, respect the door policy (Friday age 19+, Saturday 21+), respect each other, care for each other and just live.

The story

behind the club

“Everything begins with the desire to create something new and this is no exception.”
Employees, companions, friends, investors, partners, musicians, and talents from various fields made it possible for this beautiful club under the opera to be created after our beloved Horst.

From Dust to Horst

When we opened the heavy metal door one foggy evening, we stood in front of a stairway shrouded in complete darkness. The cones of light from our mobile phone lights made the dancing dust grains visible in the air. By this point, we could already feel that that one door led to as much as Horst…

From Horst to O

Horst has enriched and embellished our lives in many ways. Many things have happened since it was created (like this club), but in the end, the memories of the last five years are good only because we were always allowed to create moments that were immortalized in our limbic system forever.


Usually, moments pass by, but O – Moments don’t. They’re here to stay. We build these moments collectively, keeping them alive forever. Keep on scrolling to enjoy the beautiful creations our guests have made.