This is the beginning of a new story – a story of Glitz. Our mission is to gather all the city’s energy once a month and reunite everyone on 3 floors under the Vienna State Opera. Listen, feel and dive into a fulminant magic world full of artists, attractions and escalations. Be open to fully be yourself, be surrounded by positive, kind and exceptional people and dance in a crowd as if there’s no tomorrow. The place is almost addictive, but better see it for yourself – we don’t want to reveal too much yet.

Every event inside the world of Glitz shares a special ceremony. Short moments that allow you to arrive and experience the most beautiful time together. This is the moment to let go of whatever is holding you back in the outside world.


Forget reality and turn the night into a lunatic FREAK SHOW. Come and find each other at a mind-blowing event that combines the power of musical, visual, and even artistic dream effects. You will be able to witness bizarre and sometimes mind-altering decorations, loco visuals, extraordinary artists, crazy freaks, fancy elves, clowns and wizzards that only enhance the feeling of being part of something that can not be described by words. Get ready to experience pure joy and happiness while dancing through the night. [Don’t get your cameras ready when it happens – just enjoy the moment]
a table

VIP service: The best seats close to the main attraction, and yet wonderfully private. Celebrate life itself with your best friends in a personal setting. Take your club experience to the next level of comfort—your table, your friends, your night; and our duty to create memories that last forever.