Super Disco

Super Disco is probably the most beautiful disco in the world.

We cannot tell what makes this event so special. Maybe it’s the 90s themselves, which have always been magical, or the DJs who put their heart and soul into this event. Some say the magic arises every Saturday because of all the wonderful guests that make this event loved forever. Be at the Main Stage at exactly 02:00 in the morning and experience that one show that distinguishes between a club and a place that will be remembered forever.

Another highlight is the “Salon Wasabi”, our beloved second floor. This is for our electronic music lovers with a never-ending stream of techno and tech house. The “Konsulat” on the other hand, is a beautiful, arty, cozy spot in the club, where you can listen to authentic Hip Hop the whole night. And whatever you do, make sure to search for the cocktail bar called “Rote Bar” have a drink, take a break, and remind yourself that you are part of something truly unique in this city.

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Super Disco
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VIP service: The best seats close to the main attraction, and yet wonderfully private. Celebrate life itself with your best friends in a personal setting. Take your club experience to the next level of comfort—your table, your friends, your night; and our duty to create memories that last forever.


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